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Introduction to simplifying a product of radical expressions: Univariate

Just a quick couple of examples, one explaining the relationship between squaring and square rooting and one that just shows how to multiply two radical expressions that need no reduction.

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Solving an equation of the form x^2 = a using the square root property

Discusses the square root property, then encourages the viewer to write a list of perfect squares in the marginfor reference. Lasly, three examples are presented and solved.

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Solving a quadratic equation by completing the square: Exact Answers

Two examples are shown here, one relatively easy, then one with some fractions involved.

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Rationalizing a denominator: Quotient involving square roots

This shows how to multiply by a form of one created by using the irrational denominaor to multiply by the top and the bottom of the fraction creating a whole number denominaor.

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Simplifying a quotient of square roots

Shows that the division of sqaure roots is equivalent to the square root of a fraction, and then simplifies the fraction to complete the task.

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Simplifying a radical expression with an odd exponent

Shows how to separate out the persct square so they can become whole numbers or expression leaving the remaining factors under the square root.

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Simplifying the square root of a whole number less than 100

Thisi shows how to break down a square root by dividing out perfect squares that can become whole numbers.

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Square root of a perfect square

Shows how square rooting is the opposite of squariing

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Solving a radical equation that simplifies to a quadratic equation: One radical, advanced

Squaring both sides of this equation means squaring a binomial. This is demonstrated by this video.

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Solving a radical equation that simplifies to a linear equation: Two radicals

This demonstrates how to solve an equation where two radicals are equal and there are no other terms on either side of th equation

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Rationalizing a denominator: Square root of a fraction

This video shows how to multiplly the top and bottom of a square root of a fraction to get the result of a rational number in the denominator.

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Square roots of perfect squares with signs

This describes what to look for when simplifying radicals.

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Word problem involving the Pythagorean Theorem

Application of the equation relating the three sides of a right triangle:: a^2 + b^2 = c^2 where a and b are the shorter sides that make the rigiht angle and c is the lenght of the longest side.

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Pythagorean Theorem

A quick run through the use of a^2 + b^2 = c^2 to find an unknown side of a right tirangle if we know the other two sides.

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