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Introduction to simplifying a product of higher roots

In this example, the multiplication of two fourth-roots of numbers is shown and the reduction of the result

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Simplifying the square root of a whole number less than 100

Thisi shows how to break down a square root by dividing out perfect squares that can become whole numbers.

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Simplifying a ratio of linear polynomials: 1, -1, and no simplification

This shows four examples just to cover a variety of "looks". There is at least one of each tyoe,

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Identifying numbers as integers or non-integers

A brief description of what integers consist of followed by a list of numbers where it is decided whether each is an integer or not.

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Square root of a perfect square

Shows how square rooting is the opposite of squariing

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Finding the x-intercepts, the y-intercept, and the vertex of a parabola

This demonstrates how to find these values for a quadratic equation of the form y = ax^2 + bx + c.

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Word problem involving radical equations: Advanced

This shows how to insert the given value into a given radical equation and solve for the other variable inside a square root.

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Rationalizing a denominator: Quotient involving a monomial

Two quick demonstratoins of a rational expression containing radicals being ratioinalized by multiplication of a form of one to transform a radical in the denominantor to a whole number.

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Special products of radical expressions: Conjugates and squaring

This demonstrates the squaring of a binomial with radical terms and the multiplication of conjugates (sum and differences of the same terms)

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Introduction to simplifying a product of radical expressions: Univariate

Some simpler examples of square root multiplication

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Rational Exponents: Unit fraction exponents and whole number bases

Simple demonstration of what x ^ (1 / n) means.

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Adding rational expressions with denominators ax - b and b - ax

Describes how to deal with denominators that are simply opposite in sign when adding or subtracting fractional expressions.

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Simplifying a ratio of polynomials: Problem type 2

A second look at factoring the top and bottom of a fraction in algebra that then reduces that fraction.

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Simplifying a ratio of factored polynomials: Linear factors

This shows the last step in simplifying a rational expression, i.e. dividing out factors that reduce to one.

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Solving a word problem using a system of linear equations of the form Ax + By = C

Talks about how to interpret the words to create two equations, then solves them together using the elimination method, making opposites of one variable's terms sot that the equations can be…

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