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Simplifying a product of radical expressions: Univariate

A short demonstration of multiplying and then reducing the result when presented with the product of two radical expressions.

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Quotient of expressions involving exponents

Two bases with exponents divided by the same bases with different exponents are presented and simplified using the quotient rule. The negative exponent definition is also discussed and applied.

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Introduction to the quotient rule for exponents

A demo that approaches the given expression and its simplification by writing out the meaning of the exponents as muliplication, then reducing like factors to arrive at a simpler result

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Rationalizing a denominator: Square root of a fraction

This video shows how to multiplly the top and bottom of a square root of a fraction to get the result of a rational number in the denominator.

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Simplifying a procuct of radical expressions: Multivariate

Multiplication of two radicals by pairing all numbers after prime factorization and taking half of all even exponents with variables as a base.

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Rational exponents: Powers of powers with negative exponents

An example of distributing an exponent outside the parentheses to each factor iinside and then using the negaitve exponent definition to eliminate the negative.

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Rational exponents: Negative exponents and fractional bases

Two examples of how to deal with negative fractional exponents

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Converting between radical form and exponent form

Shows how these forms are interrelated

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Synthetic division

This demonstrates why symthetic division works when dividing by a simple binomial as in x + a or x - a. Then it shows how to fill in the answers for this type of question.

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Power of 10: Negative exponent

Negative powers of 10 means that they are very small fractions.

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Identifying solutions to a linear equation in one variable: Two-step equations

Shows how to substitute values for the variable in a simple equation and determine what values, if any, make it equal.

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Distributive property: Integer coefficients

The next step in understanding distribution.

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Converting between percentages and decimals

Quick look at how to work it both ways

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Division of a decimal by a power of ten

Quick look at why and how we multiply decimals in this situation

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Multiplication of a decimal by a power of ten

How counting zeros tells you how far to move the decimal point

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Decimal place value: Tenths and Hundredths

An explanation of how decimal number places work, and some examples covered.

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