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Solving a word problem using a quadratic equation with irrational roots

Shows how to substitite the given value for the output variable, then rearranges the resulting equation in standard form. Values for a, b, and c are identified and then entered into the quadratic…

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Rationalizing a denominator: Quotient involving square roots

This shows how to multiply by a form of one created by using the irrational denominaor to multiply by the top and the bottom of the fraction creating a whole number denominaor.

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Identifying numbers as rational or irrational

A brief description of the difference between rational and irrational numbers followed by examples of number in both categories.

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Rationalizing a denominator: Quotient involving a monomial

Two quick demonstratoins of a rational expression containing radicals being ratioinalized by multiplication of a form of one to transform a radical in the denominantor to a whole number.

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Rationalizing a denominator: Square root of a fraction

This discusses what rationals and irratioinals are, then goes on to demonstrate how to eliminate any radical number in the denominator.

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