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Introduction to simplifying a product of higher roots

In this example, the multiplication of two fourth-roots of numbers is shown and the reduction of the result

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Solving a rational equation that simplifies to quadratic: Binomial denominators, constant numerators

The key to solving this equation is eliminating the fractions first by multiplying by the least common denominator and dividingout equal factors. Note that the integer term must be multiplied by…

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Introduction to compound interest

A short discussion of how compunde interest works and why the amount in a compound interest account grows more and more quickly.

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Solving an exponential equation by finding common bases: Linear exponents

Shows how to create common bases so that then the exponents can be set equal to each other and that equation can be solved.

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Finding the final amount in a word problem on compound interest

This video gives the formula for calculating compound interest and then demonstrates how to calculate the future amount after a given number of years.

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Simplifying a sum or difference of radical expressions: Univariate

This includesradicals that contain variable factors, but continues the simplification of various terms in a sum or difference so that possible like terms can be added orsubtracted.

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Simplifying a radical expression with an odd exponent

Shows how to separate out the persct square so they can become whole numbers or expression leaving the remaining factors under the square root.

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Simplifying a radical expression with an even exponent

Demonstrats how to free all perfect squar in a radical expression so they are whole.

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Rational exponents: Unit fraction exponents and bases involving signs

Shows three examples of using a unit fraction as an exponent and coverting itt to its radical form sot the result can be further understood.

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Complex fraction made of sums involving rational expressions: Multivariate

Simplifies a complex fraction by distributing the LCD of each small fraction across the top and the bottom so that all small fractions can be swept away.

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Product Rule witih negative exponents

A multil-variable example where we can gather together like factors and then multiply them as numbers or by adding their exponents. If any negative exponents occur, then the definition of a negative…

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Rewriting an algebraic expression without a negative exponent

Two examples of expressions with negative exponents that are changed to expressions with positive exponents, leaving the numerical factor as is.

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Evaluating an expression with a negative exponent: Positive fraction base

Two examples are shown with negative exponents. The reciprocal is produced first before applying the exponent to the numerator and denominator in each example.

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Power and quotient rules with positive exponents

A simplification of a fraction with products and exponents in parentheses raised to an external power

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Quotient of expressions involving exponents

Two bases with exponents divided by the same bases with different exponents are presented and simplified using the quotient rule. The negative exponent definition is also discussed and applied.

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Power and product rules with positive exponents

A short review of these two rules and then an application of them to two multi-factor expressions.

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