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Introduction to simplifying a product of radical expressions: Univariate

Just a quick couple of examples, one explaining the relationship between squaring and square rooting and one that just shows how to multiply two radical expressions that need no reduction.

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Multiplying rational expressions made up of linear expressions

This is a quick example of factoring the numerator and denominator of a combined fraction where all the factors are separated in order to find those that divide to one.

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Multiplying rational expressions involving multivariate monomials

A short reminder of how to reduce first and then multiply two numerical fractions. Then we apply the same priciples to reducing like factors in an example with more than one variable and numerical…

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Synthetic division

This demonstrates why symthetic division works when dividing by a simple binomial as in x + a or x - a. Then it shows how to fill in the answers for this type of question.

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Finding the value for a new score that will yield a given mean

Describes an algebraic method for finding what you need for your next score to achieve a certain average or mean.

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Solving for a variable in terms of other variables using addition or subtraction with division

Another in a series aobut solvingi equations with multiple variables, this time taking two steps to do it/

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Multiplicative property of equality with signed fractions

Multiplying both sides by the reciprocal of the variable's coefficient in order to get the variable alone and keep the equation balanced.

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Signed fraction division

A couple of examples that combine sign combinations for diviision and using Keep/Change/Flip to convert fractioinal division to multiplication.

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Converting a fraction to a terminating decimal: Basic

Conversion using long division if you don't have a calculator handy.

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