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Using Exponent Rules, Part 1

Shows how to convert factors with negative exponents into ones with positive exponents and then how to apply the product and quotient rules to combine the exponents of factors with the same base.

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Using Properties of Logarithms to Evaluate Log Expressions

Explains the simpler properties of logs and then demonstrates their use with a few examples.

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Solving Logarithmic Equations

Gives a couple of examples that show how to solve logarithmic equations.

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Evaluating Logarithmic Expressions

Demonstrates how to figure out the value of a logarithmic expression.

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Converting from Logarithmic Notation to Exponential Notation

Explains and demonstrates converting from logs to exponentials.

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Converting from Exponential Notation to Logarithmic Notation

Explains and demonstrates converting from exponentials to logs.

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Graphing Exponential Functions

A demonstration of how functions with a real number in the base and the variable in the exponent appear when they are graphed.

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Simplifying Radicals, Part 3

Third part of the discussion about how we break down radicals to their simplest form.

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Finding Square Roots

This talks about finding square roots of perfect square numbers.

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Using Rules for Exponents to Simplify Expressions

This video shows you how to simplify expressions with fractional exponents using the various exponent rules.

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Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Shows how to simplify algebraic phrases with distribution and / or adding like terms

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Order of Operations Explained with Examples

This video explains why the order of operations needs to be the way it is, and then gives some examples of its use.

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Long Division of Polynomials

This video demonstrates the process for dividing one polynomial by another.

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Finding Cube Roots

This video explains how to find or simplify cube roots of numbers and expressions, giving several examples.

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Using the Product Rule for Exponents

This video presents the product rule for exponents and then gives some examples of its use.

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Dividing a Polynomial by a Monomial

This video demonstrates how to divide a polynomial expression by a monomial expression.

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