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Using Kaltura - Summer Training Session 13

Scott Volpe and Colleen Cox 06.30.2020 Introduction to Kaltura Capture in Bb Recording a "Welcome " video Recording your Screen and Video Ordering Captions Creating a Video Quiz

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Multiplying Rational Expressions

A demonstration of how to multiply fractions of algebraic expressions.

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Using Formulas to Solve Problems

Using, in this case, an area formula to find a missing measurement for a piece of real estate.

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Applying Steps for Problem Solving - Part 1

Explains a set of instructions about how to solve word problems in general, then applies that strategy to a particular example concerning related numbers.

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Using the Distance Formula

Explains where the distance formula originates, and then gives an example of its use in finding the distance between two points.

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Using Properties of Logarithms to Evaluate Log Expressions

Explains the simpler properties of logs and then demonstrates their use with a few examples.

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Solving Logarithmic Equations

Gives a couple of examples that show how to solve logarithmic equations.

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Solving by Completing the Square - Part 2

A second demonstration of how to solve a quadratic equation using the "complete the square" process.

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Recognizing Identities and Equations with No Solution

Special types of linear equations whose answers are different.

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Graphing Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Explains how the graphs and equations of vertical and horizontal lines are the same in some ways but how they differ as well.

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Graphing Linear Functions

The first demonstration of the graph of a line from a linear equation.

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Graphing a Linear Inequality - Part 2

Shows how to graph an inequality that is different than the one in Part 1.

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Finding Minimum and Maximum Values

Demonstrates the quickest way to find a minimum or maximum value for a quadratic function.

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Evaluating Logarithmic Expressions

Demonstrates how to figure out the value of a logarithmic expression.

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Converting from Logarithmic Notation to Exponential Notation

Explains and demonstrates converting from logs to exponentials.

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Converting from Exponential Notation to Logarithmic Notation

Explains and demonstrates converting from exponentials to logs.

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