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Applying Steps for Problem Solving - Part 1

Explains a set of instructions about how to solve word problems in general, then applies that strategy to a particular example concerning related numbers.

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Solving a Formula for a Specified Variable, Part 2 (DBX)

This video makes it easier to use formulas if you are repeatedly looking for the value of a particular variable.

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Review: Factoring a Difference of Squares

This is a review of the factoring technique used on two terms that are each a perfect square and are subtracted.

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Solving Quadratic Equations by the Quadratic Formula, Part 2

This is part two of the discussion about using the quadratic formula to solve a quadratic equation.

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Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Shows how to simplify algebraic phrases with distribution and / or adding like terms

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Simplifying Rational Expressions, Part 2

Second of three explaining how algebraic fractions are reduced.

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Solving Linear Equations Using Distribution and Like Terms

Explanation of how to solve an equation in one variable.

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Solving Linear Equations Using Properties of Equality

This is the first of several videos about solving equations in one variable.

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Order of Operations Explained with Examples

This video explains why the order of operations needs to be the way it is, and then gives some examples of its use.

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Writing Phrases as Algebraic Expressions

This video explains how to take a verbal description of calculation and express it in terms of algebra.

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Long Division of Polynomials

This video demonstrates the process for dividing one polynomial by another.

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Multiplying Square Roots of Negative Numbers

This video explains how to multiply square roots of negative numbers with some examples.

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Dividing a Polynomial by a Monomial

This video demonstrates how to divide a polynomial expression by a monomial expression.

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Using the Quotient Rule for Exponents: TG

This video states the quotient rule for exponents and gives a few examples of its use.

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Evaluating Algebraic Expressions, Part 2

This video demonstrates how to insert given values in for variables and get a numerical result using the order of operations.

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Evaluating Expressions Containing Exponents

This video that shows how to insert given values for variables in expressions that have exponents and then shows how to simplify that result and get a numerical result.

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