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Using the Distance Formula

Explains where the distance formula originates, and then gives an example of its use in finding the distance between two points.

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Adding or Subtracting Rational Expressions with a Common Denominator

Demonstrates how to add or subtract fractions composed of algebraic expressions where the denominators are identical.

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Solving Problems about Work

This demonstrates how to solve a particular kind of problem that uses rational expressions.

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Solving Problems Modeled by Linear Inequalities

This demonstrates how to translate a verbal description into an inequality that can be solved to answer the question posed.

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Solving a System by Elimination

This video shows the third method for solving a system of linear equations - Elimination

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Writing Phrases as Algebraic Expressions

This video explains how to take a verbal description of calculation and express it in terms of algebra.

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Understanding Interval Notation, Part 1

This is part one of four videos on interval notation.

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Solving Compound Inequalities Using "and", Part 1

This video is a demonstration of how to solve an intersection of two inequalities and write its solution set in interval notation.

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Evaluating Algebraic Expressions, Part 1

This video shows how to plug in values for variables and then reduce the result to a numerical result.

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