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Additive property of inequality with integers

A demo that only shows a one step process of adding an integer to both sides of an inequality so that the variable stands alone and we can tell what values are true for that inequality.

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Set Builder Notation

Shows how to take the descriptive set builder notation and write a roster set to represent the same one.

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Identifying numbers as integers or non-integers

A brief description of what integers consist of followed by a list of numbers where it is decided whether each is an integer or not.

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Multiplication of 3 or 4 integers

A review of the sign rules for multiplication and three examples to demonstrate these.

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Integer multiplication and division

A review of the sign results when multiplying integers and then three examples to demonstrate those rules.

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Addition and subtraction with 3 integers

This describes how integers interact when combined, treating minus signs as a negative sign on the number and thinking that all of the integers are being added with negatives and postives working in…

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Distributive property: Integer coefficients

The next step in understanding distribution.

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Ordering integers

Showing that any number to the left of another number on a number line is smaller

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Plotting integers on a number line

Just a quick demonstratioin of putting dots and coordinates on a line graph.

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Solving Number Problems Modeled by Rational Expressions

This is a demonstration of solving a problem described as a number relationship that we do not know the actual number values and we are asked to find them.

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Writing and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Shows translating verbal descriptions to algebraic expressions and then simplifying them.

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Identifying Common Sets of Numbers; Set Notation

This video explains the different types of numbers and the relationships between these types and then it goes on the explain some various ways a set can be notated.

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Understanding Interval Notation, Part 4

This is part four of four videos on interval notation.

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Multiplying Square Roots of Negative Numbers

This video explains how to multiply square roots of negative numbers with some examples.

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Using the Product Rule for Exponents

This video presents the product rule for exponents and then gives some examples of its use.

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Adding or Subtracting Radical Expressions

This video shows examples of adding and subtracting radical expressions.

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