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Simplifying a quotient involving a sum or difference with a square root

This demonstrates creating a multiplication in the numerator of a rational expression that will allow the expression to be reduced by dividing like factors to simply one

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Simplifying a product involving square roots using the distributive property: Basic

Demonstrates distribution when radicals are invovled.

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Rational exponents: Negative exponents and fractional bases

Two examples of how to deal with negative fractional exponents

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Solving a linear equation with several occurrences of the variable: Fractional forms with monomial numerators

This one helps you deal with fractions in an equation.

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Ordering integers

Showing that any number to the left of another number on a number line is smaller

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Finding the LCD of two fractions

Given two fractions with different denominators, we will find the LCD (least common denominator) for these fractions. The answer is larger than or equal to both denominaotrs, but is the smallest…

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Least common multiple (or denominator) of 3 numbers

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