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Simplifying a ratio of polynomials: Problem type 2

A second look at factoring the top and bottom of a fraction in algebra that then reduces that fraction.

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SPS - Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom.mp4

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WCSU 411 Health Emergency Info

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WCSU Centennial

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Using the Distance Formula

Explains where the distance formula originates, and then gives an example of its use in finding the distance between two points.

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Graphing Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Explains how the graphs and equations of vertical and horizontal lines are the same in some ways but how they differ as well.

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Graphing Linear Functions

The first demonstration of the graph of a line from a linear equation.

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Review: Factoring by Grouping

This shows how to factor by grouping when you have a 4 term expression.

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Review: Factoring a Difference of Squares

This is a review of the factoring technique used on two terms that are each a perfect square and are subtracted.

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