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Writing an equation and graphing a line given its slope and y-intercept

The informaton given here can be entered directly into the y = mx + b or slope-intercept form. Then the y-intercept is used as a starting point where you apply rise over run to the given slope to…

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Graph a line given its equation in slope-intercept form: Fractional slope

Another demo on how to use the y-intercept to start a graph of a linear equation and then use the slope to find other points on the graph. It finishes with showing the line representing all of the…

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Reading a point in the coordinate plane

Just a short demo of how read the location of an (x, y) point on a Cartesian coordinate graph

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Classifying systems of linear equations from graphs

Looks at the three types of graphs that can occur with a system of two linear equaltions in two variables.

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Graphing a parabola of the form y=ax^2

Demonstrates how to make t his graph per instructions, and also shows how to deal with a fractional leading coefficient.

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Finding x- and y-intercepts of a line given the equation: Basic

Shows how to substitute zero for y to find the x-intercept and zero for x to find the y-intercept.

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Plotting rational numbers on a number line

Just showing how to locate different fractions on a number l ine

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Plotting integers on a number line

Just a quick demonstratioin of putting dots and coordinates on a line graph.

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Using the Midpoint Formula

Explains why the midpoint formula works, and then uses it to find the halfway point between two given points.

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Finding Minimum and Maximum Values

Demonstrates the quickest way to find a minimum or maximum value for a quadratic function.

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Finding An Equation of a Line Given Two Points

A complete discussion about how we can create an equation in two variables based on knowing only two points on the graph of this equation. Two methods are shown so the student can choose the method…

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Plotting Ordered Pairs on a Rectangular Coordinate System

This video explains the rectangular coordinate system and labels its parts, then shows how to plot points.

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Graphing Non-Linear Equations, Part 2

This video demonstrates how to tabulate ordered pairs in order to graph an absolute value function.

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Finding Slopes of Horizontal and Vertical Lines

This video explains the slopes of horizontal and vertical lines.

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Graphing a Line Using Slope and y-intercept

Given y=mx + b, this video shows how to use the b-value to create the y-intercept and then use the slope to find other points.

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