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Complex fraction made of sums involving rational expressions: Problem type 1

Simplifies a complex fraction by multiplying the top and bottom by the common denominator of the smaller fractions so their denominators can be eliminated. Further simplification is considered.

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Adding rational expressions with multivariate monomial denominators: Basic

This example shows how to factor each denominator and then determine which of these factors are needed to create the least common denominator (LCD). Then the fractions are expanded by multiplying…

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Least common multiple of two monomials

A clarification on what common multiple means and why the least common one is larger than or at least as large as either number or expression. Then there follows an example of two multivariate…

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Product rule with positive exponents: Multivariate

A straightforward examplel of a simplification using the product rule for exponents.

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Solving a compound linear inequality: Graph solution, basic

Presents a compound inequality where both sides have to be solved for the variable first, and then shows how to graph the simplified results

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Complex fraction with negative exponents: Problem type 2

This demonstrates how to convert negative exponents in a complex fraction to the reciprocal positive exponents and then use the LCD of all fractions to simplify.

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Least common multiple of two monomials

Shows how to create the simplest expression both of the given ones divide into.

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Solving a linear equation with several occurrences of the variable: Fractional forms with monomial numerators

This one helps you deal with fractions in an equation.

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Order of operations with integers

Three quick examples that show the order in which we simplify different opertions in arithmetic.

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Signed fraction addition or subtraction: Basic

Three quick demos, two subtractions and an addition which need adjusting first to create a common denominator

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Intro to addition/subtraction of fractions witih different denominators

The f irst basic addition/subtraction of fractions that don't have the same denominators.

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Least common multiple (or denominator) of 3 numbers

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Order of Operations Explained with Examples

This video explains why the order of operations needs to be the way it is, and then gives some examples of its use.

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