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Complex fraction made of sums involving rational expressions: Problem type 3

A complex fraction is multiplied through on the top and the bottom by the common denominator of all smaller fractions, eliminating the denominators of those smaller fractions.

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Adding rational expressions with multivariate monomial denominators: Basic

This example shows how to factor each denominator and then determine which of these factors are needed to create the least common denominator (LCD). Then the fractions are expanded by multiplying…

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Adding rational expressions with common denominators and binomial numerators

This demonstrates adding two rational expressions that have different terms individually in the numerator and a common denominator. When the fractions are added, it creates the possibility of adding…

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Multiplying rational expressions involving multivariate monomials

A short reminder of how to reduce first and then multiply two numerical fractions. Then we apply the same priciples to reducing like factors in an example with more than one variable and numerical…

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