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Table for a linear equation

Shows how to find outputs for several inputs reslulting in a set of points (x, y)

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Multiplication of 3 or 4 integers

A review of the sign rules for multiplication and three examples to demonstrate these.

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Writing an inequality given a graph on the number line

Translating a graph into an inequality statement.

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Solving a proportion of the form (x + a)/b = c/d

Demonstrating why we can "cross muliply" a proportion to solve it, we then do that.

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Converting between percentages and decimals

Quick look at how to work it both ways

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Drama & Best Technical

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High Beams

Drama & Best Technical

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DELIRIA - Film Festival


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Ryan Munn Weather Package

TV News/Talk Meteorologist- Ryan Munn Producer - Catherine McConkey Director - Samantha Saalborn AD/PA - Antonio Negron

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