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Interpreting the graphs of two functions

Demonstates how to interpret a graph of a system of functions so that common questions that someone might have can be answered.

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Converting a fraction to a percentage: Denominator of 4, 5, or 10

Conversions using money as a way to think them through.

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Converting a fraction to a repeating decimal: Basic

Using long division to change a proper or improper fraction to its decimal value - repeating or terminating are the only possibilities.

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Rounding decimals

Just a quick review of how to round decimal numbers.

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Decimal place value: Tenths and Hundredths

An explanation of how decimal number places work, and some examples covered.

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Order of operations with fractions: Problem type 1

A description of the process for dividing frations.

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Addition or subtraction of fractions with different denominators

How to factor the denominators to find the necessary factors for the least ccommon denominator, then adjust the fractions to be equal versions with that LCD and combine the numerators for the answer.

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