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Word problem involving the maximum or minimum of a quadratic function

This video explains the situation we are trying to minimize or maximize and the role of the input and output variables. Then the process of finding the location and value of the requested amount is…

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Identifying solutions to a system of linear equations

This demonstrates testing possible answers to a system of two equations to see whether they are truly answers or not. Note that each answer has to work for both equations, but if it doesn't…

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Finding slopes of lines parallel and perpendicular to a line given in slope-intercept form

Describes how and why the slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines can be found

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Rooster Teeth

SPEC SPOT- RJ, Nicole, George

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Monster Energy Drink

SPEC SPOT - Isabel, Monique

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spec spot- Kristina, Jake, Charlotte

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spec spot- Jeremy, Simon, Vinny

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Hot Pockets

spec spot Tagg Keith Dion

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spec spot - Alex, Mason, Carl

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