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Identifying parallel and perpendicular lines from equations

This shows how to transform all given equation that are not in slope-intercept form and then pick out the slopes of all three given lines and compare them to see if they are parallel, perpendicular…

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Complex fraction with negative exponents: Problem type 2

This demonstrates how to convert negative exponents in a complex fraction to the reciprocal positive exponents and then use the LCD of all fractions to simplify.

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Finding slopes of lines parallel and perpendicular to a line given in the form Ax + By = C

Shows how to convert Ax + By = C to y = mx + b then what and why the slopes for parallell and perpendicular lintes are what they are.

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Multiplicative property of equality with fractions

Multiplying both sides of an euqation with fractions by the reciprocal of the coefficient that is with the variable.

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The reciprocal of a number

Shows you how to flip numbers or fractions to get the reciprocal. Hope it is obvious that reciprocals multiplied equal one.

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