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Finding a final amount in a word problem on exponential growth or decay

This demonstrates how to write the function that includes the initial amount multiplied by the percent remaining or the initial amount multiplied by one plus the percent increase, with either being…

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Introduction to simplifying a product of radical expressions: Univariate

Some simpler examples of square root multiplication

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Solving for a variable in terms of other variables in a rational equation: Problem type 3

This one demonstrates how to eliminate the rational parts of the equation as usual, then gather the terms with the chosen variable on one side of the equal sign so that it can be factored to one…

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Factoring out a binomial from a polynomial: GCF factoring, basic

Demonstrates how to remove a common factor that not just a single number or variable, but a binomial i. e. a two-term expression.

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Multiplying conjugate binomials: Univariate

Demonstrates what happens when the F.O.I.L. method is applied to multiply two binomails of the form (a + b) (a - b). It's special circumstance that allows a short cut.

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Understanding the power rules of exponents

A short demo of why the exponents outside parentheses repeat every factor inside. More later!`

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