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Evaluating an algebraic expression: Whole numbers with two operations

A quick demo about plugging in given values for variables and calculating a number result.

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Finding slopes of lines parallel and perpendicular to a line given in the form Ax + By = C

Shows how to convert Ax + By = C to y = mx + b then what and why the slopes for parallell and perpendicular lintes are what they are.

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Writing an inequality for a real-world situation

A short video about translating a real situation into a mathematical inequality statement.

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Signed fraction addition or subtraction: Basic

Three quick demos, two subtractions and an addition which need adjusting first to create a common denominator

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Order of operations with fractions: Problem type 1

A description of the process for dividing frations.

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Addition or subtraction of fractions with different denominators

How to factor the denominators to find the necessary factors for the least ccommon denominator, then adjust the fractions to be equal versions with that LCD and combine the numerators for the answer.

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