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Solving a compound linear inequality: Interval notation

This describes how to solve each side of a compound inequality, then using the graphs of each part determine the interval notation for the entire compound statement.

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Graphing a compound inequality on the number line.

This presents how to graph two inequalities that are connected by either the word "or" or the word "and"

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The Macricostas Family Arts & Sciences Endowed Lecture presents Daniel Costa: U.S. Labor Migration: Politics and Policy

The Macricostas Family Arts & Sciences Endowed Lecture PresentsNovember 7, 2017, 6:00 pm – Ives Concert HallU.S. Labor Migration: Politics and PolicyDaniel Costa – Director of…

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Identifying Identities and Inverses

Identity and inverses are defined and properties that involve both ideas are presented, then some examples are presented that are similar to exercises a student would have to complete.

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