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Quotient rule with negative exponents: Problem type 1

A qucik example of applying the qoutient rule for exponents and the definition of a negative exponent.

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Introduction to the power of a power rule of exponents

A short example of how the power rule works.

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Identifying solutions to a linear equation in two variables

A demo that shows how to substitute possible x-y ordered pairs into an equation to find out whether they create a true statement, determining which are solutions and which are not.

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Graphing a compound inequality on the number line.

This presents how to graph two inequalities that are connected by either the word "or" or the word "and"

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Set Builder Notation

Shows how to take the descriptive set builder notation and write a roster set to represent the same one.

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Table for an exponential function

Shows how to plug in the given x--values and get values for f(x) = b^x

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Rational exponents: Negative exponents and fractional bases

Two examples of how to deal with negative fractional exponents

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Power rules with negative exponents

A short example of how to deal with a fraction raised to a negative power.

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Finding a percentage of a whole number

Multiplying the decimal version of a percent by a number to find that percentage amount.

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The reciprocal of a number

Shows you how to flip numbers or fractions to get the reciprocal. Hope it is obvious that reciprocals multiplied equal one.

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