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Complex fraction with negative exponents: Problem type 2

This demonstrates how to convert negative exponents in a complex fraction to the reciprocal positive exponents and then use the LCD of all fractions to simplify.

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Complex fraction without variables: Problem type 2

Shows how to simplify a large fractions with fractioins embedded in it. The simplest way involves multiplying all small fractions by their least common denominator so the individual denominators…

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Adding rational expressions with multivariate monomial denominators: Advanced

Shows how to use the given factors of two different denominators and find the LCD then adjust the fractions so they can be added

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Finding the LCD of rational expressions with quadratic denominators

Factoring quadratics to find the LCD of two fractions in algebra

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Finding the LCD of rational expressions with linear denominators: Common factors

This shows how to find the least common denominator of two fractions, nothing more.

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Least common multiple of two monomials

Shows how to create the simplest expression both of the given ones divide into.

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