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Introduction to simplifying a product involving square roots using the distributive property

A quick distribution of a radical into the sum of two numerical terms, one whole and one radical as well.

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Rational exponents: Quotient Rule

Demonstrates how the quotient rule for exponents is applied the same way to rational exponents.

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Quotient of expressions involving exponents

Two bases with exponents divided by the same bases with different exponents are presented and simplified using the quotient rule. The negative exponent definition is also discussed and applied.

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Understanding the power rules of exponents

A short demo of why the exponents outside parentheses repeat every factor inside. More later!`

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Division involving zero

A quick lesson on what happens in a division problem that includes zero as one of the numbers

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Solving a System by Elimination

This video shows the third method for solving a system of linear equations - Elimination

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Understanding Interval Notation, Part 1

This is part one of four videos on interval notation.

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