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Introduction to simplifying a product involving square roots using the distributive property

A quick distribution of a radical into the sum of two numerical terms, one whole and one radical as well.

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Power and quotient rules with positive exponents

A simplification of a fraction with products and exponents in parentheses raised to an external power

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Introduction to solving an equation with variables on the same side

A short and simple demo about adding like variable terns that are together on one side of the equals sign in an equation.

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Rational exponents: Powers of powers with negative exponents

An example of distributing an exponent outside the parentheses to each factor iinside and then using the negaitve exponent definition to eliminate the negative.

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Power and quotient rules with negative exponents: Problem type 2

Another example of simplifying a fraction in parentheses raised to a power

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Power rules with negative exponents

A short example of how to deal with a fraction raised to a negative power.

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Power of a power rule with negative exponents

Explains the reason why exponents are multiplied in a power of a power situation, then simplifies two examples.

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Product rule with positive exponents: Univariate

An introductory example of how the product rule for exponents works.

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Distributive property: Whole number coefficients

Two examples of how to distribute

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