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Simplifying a product of radical expressions: Multivariate

The combining of like factors from two radicals into one and then the simplification of the result.

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Dividing rational expressions involving multivariate monomials

A quick justification of dividing fractions by multiplying by the reciprocal of the second fraction in the division followed by an example that involves reducing the common factors in the numerator…

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Introduction to the GCF of two monomials.

A short example of factoring each of two terms so we can see clearly what the common factors are.

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Multiplication involving binomials and trinomials.

A demo of this topic where I stack the l ike terms in columns as a perform the distributions connecting each term of the first polynomial to each term in the other.

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Quotient of expressions involving exponents

Two bases with exponents divided by the same bases with different exponents are presented and simplified using the quotient rule. The negative exponent definition is also discussed and applied.

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Introduction to the power of a product rule of exponents

A short demo of this rule

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Understanding the product rule of exponents

A quick intro to how and why the product rule for exponents works.

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Exponents and signed fractions

Two examples of applying exponents to fractions in certain ways. Other examples should be investigated.

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Introduction to simplifying a product of higher roots

A qucikc look at a simple fourth root of a combined pair of them, numbers only.

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Simplifying a procuct of radical expressions: Multivariate

Multiplication of two radicals by pairing all numbers after prime factorization and taking half of all even exponents with variables as a base.

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Simplifying a product of radical expressions: Univariate

Multiplying two radical expressions by showing the factorization of the numbers and using even exponents to remove variable factors.

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Rational Exponents: Unit fraction exponents and whole number bases

Simple demonstration of what x ^ (1 / n) means.

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Complex fractions involving multivariate monomials

Simplification of two fractions withing a larger fraction. Both fractions have only multiplied factors in both numerator and denominator.

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Adding rational expressions with multivariate monomial denominators: Advanced

Shows how to use the given factors of two different denominators and find the LCD then adjust the fractions so they can be added

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Least common multiple of two monomials

Shows how to create the simplest expression both of the given ones divide into.

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Synthetic division

This demonstrates why symthetic division works when dividing by a simple binomial as in x + a or x - a. Then it shows how to fill in the answers for this type of question.

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