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Finding the vertex, intercepts, and axis of symmetry from a graph of a parabola

This gives a graph of a parabola which is the graph of a quadratic equation or function. The demonstration first includes classifying it as a parabola that is opening downward or upward. Then it…

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Solving a rational equation that simplifies to quadratic: Proportional form, basic

Single fractions set equal to each other forms a proportion. When presented with this, it can be "cross multiplied" to eliminate the fractions. The resulting equation has a term with the…

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Solving a rational equation that simplifies to linear: Denominator x + a

Shows cross multipication of two single fractions set equat to each other to create a new equation that has no fractions and is then solvable by the typical methods.

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Power and quotient rules with negative exponents: Problem type 2

Another example of simplifying a fraction in parentheses raised to a power

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Finding intercepts of a nonlinear function given its graph

Just showiing how to locate and write down the x-intercepts and y-intecepts when looking at a graph

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Applying the percent equation: Problem type 1

Using the proportion %/100 = Amount/Base to plug in what's given to find what is asked for.

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Solving a proportion of the form (x + a)/b = c/d

Demonstrating why we can "cross muliply" a proportion to solve it, we then do that.

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