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Finding a percentage of a whole number without a calculator: Basic

Just some tricks to break down a percentage if your phone battery goes dead and you don't have a calculator.

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Finding a percentage of a whole number

Multiplying the decimal version of a percent by a number to find that percentage amount.

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Distributive property: Whole number coefficients

Two examples of how to distribute

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Signed fraction division

A couple of examples that combine sign combinations for diviision and using Keep/Change/Flip to convert fractioinal division to multiplication.

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Signed fraction addition or subtraction: Advanced

A discussion starting with where a single negative sign can be in a fraction, then finding common denominators in order to add or subtract the fractions.

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Signed fraction subtraction involving double negation

Some examples of what to do when subtracting a negative number and more examples of adding or subtracting fractions

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Using a calculator to convert a fraction to a rounded parecentage

Simply dividing a fration - top divided by bottom, then taking the decimal value and changing it to a percent by multiplying by 100, and t hen finally rounding to the nearest tenth place of that…

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Converting a fraction to a percentage: Denominator of 20, 25, or 50

Fraction conversions that are simpler than they look.

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Converting a fraction to a percentage: Denominator of 4, 5, or 10

Conversions using money as a way to think them through.

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Converting between percentages and decimals

Quick look at how to work it both ways

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Division of a decimal by a power of ten

Quick look at why and how we multiply decimals in this situation

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Writing a mixed number as an improper fraction

This simply describes the conversion of the whole number part of a mixed number into a fraction with the same denominator as the original fraction part ao they can be added together.

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Fraction division

Just a short application of the "keep, change, flip" technique.

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Division involving a whole number and a fraction

Uses the keep, change, flip mnemonic to demonstrate how you change all divisions of fractions to a multiplication of related fractions.

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Exponents and fractions

Thisi describes why and how we apply an exponent to the numerator and denominator of a fraction

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The reciprocal of a number

Shows you how to flip numbers or fractions to get the reciprocal. Hope it is obvious that reciprocals multiplied equal one.

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